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So I finally got to have MY babies back home with me where they belong and I am so glad my sister in law was able to take care of them while I couldn't have them because of DSS. But I have to say that through this past year up until now, I made many new friends and a class I've been taking has helped me see that my marriage was bad for me since day one. I'm going to write a book about it one day so other women out there in abusive relationships can realize it before its too late. I won't use anyones real names for their personal identity safety but the book will tell many other things along with my own personal story. I have also been with my boyfriend almost 8 months now, this time has gone by so fast and he is so great to me and he's good to me more than I deserve sometimes. He loves my kids and my daughter calls him daddy so I'm glad she has someone she can have for her in her life as a father since she doesn't have her real one here for her. My son has yet to talk but he will learn who has been there for him and I'm glad my sister in law and her husband will be here to help us with my kids for ever. Well, always. As she likes to say she's my baby daddy lol But anyways my boyfriend recently replaced our kitchen floor with the flooring of my choice that I liked most AND he just got dine building our back porch bigger for the babies so that when its warmer outside they can go out and play on it AND he got my little Izzy her own little picnic table to sit at when we have cookouts :D I'll have to get pictures of everything later. He did a good job I am so lucky to have someone skilled in building things and pretty much my own personal car mechanic. I guess that's expected when you get with someone that is from the country and pretty much everyone around here knows about cars lol They say that after you make the worst mistake of your life with the wrong person, the best person comes after. I have to say that it would be my Charlie <3 I just need to get better mentally for myself which I have made a lot of progress. I pray for the poor soul that has to deal with my ex I know everything they're about to go through and deal with. What comes around goes around though. People fail to realize that. Anyways, stuff is going great and I'm glad to have my own place for half a year now with no worries of having to leave or losing it! Little by little we are making it look really nice. But we still want to move to some where a little nicer or own our own place. Haven't decided yet. 
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jochannon Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
Almost a year late, but- Congratulations! I'm so glad! I hope things are going very well for you!
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